Brazil (Est. 1995)


Sister City since: 1995
Location: the coastal interior of the state of São Paulo
Climate: Tropical Wet and Dry
Population: 1,080,999
Other Sister Cities: Asunción, Paraguay;Auroville, India; Belém, Brazil; Blumenau, Brazil; Cabinda, Angola; Camanducaia, Brazil;Concepción, Chile; Córdoba, Argentina; Cotorro, Cuba; Daloa, Ivory Coast; Durban, South Africa; Fuzhou, China; Gifu, Japan;Jericho, Palestine; Malito, Italy; Novi Sad,Serbia; Peruíbe, Brazil; Ubatuba, Brazil.

This Sister City Society has focused on enabling a network of citizens to carry out cultural, educational, charitable, and business exchanges between the two cities. With Brazil on the rise, our Sister City Society recognizes opportunities to rebuild strong relations.