Afghanistan (Est. 2004)


Sister City since: 2004
Location: eastern Afghanistan, located at the juncture of the Kabul River and Kunar River near the Laghman Valley
Climate: Subtropical steppe
Population: 205, 423
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The citizens of San Diego, California, USA, and Jalalabad, Nangarhar, Afghanistan, desiring friendship and goodwill, agree to collaborate for the mutual benefit of their communities by exploring educational, cultural, humanitarian and economic opportunities. Citizens, educational and healthcare institutions, businesses, and civic organizations in both San Diego and Jalalabad support this Sister City relationship.

The citizens of Jalalabad have not enjoyed the same access to educational, health, agricultural, and information technology resources available to San Diego residents. San Diegans want to foster enhanced reconstruction opportunities for the residents of Jalalabad in these and other regards, while continuing to respect and learn Afghanistan’s rich culture and traditions, heritage and national identity.

Unity between and within the communities of San Diego and Jalalabad will be strengthened through personal contact, and through cooperation, trust, tolerance, participation and esteem. It is in each citizen’s best interest to understand and value the unique culture, needs, and dreams of the residents of other countries in the world. Our shared goal is peace, prosperity, stability and justice.