Poland (Est. 1996)


Sister City since: 1996
Location: on the Vistula River in the heartland of the Mazovian Plain in east-central Poland.
Climate: Humid continental
Population: 1,716,855 (Warsaw)
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Warsaw & Mazovia Province is proud to be San Diego’s Sister City. Located in central Poland, Warsaw & Mazovia Province has a major role in the educational, cultural and political lives of the Polish people. The Province is headquarters for the Polish government, and has several important universities and cultural centers. It has great economic importance, as it is the financial center of Poland and is linked to much of the country’s industrial production. Warsaw & Mazovia Province has played an important part in making Poland’s economy the fastest growing of any of the former Eastern Bloc Countries.

The San Diego-Warsaw & Mazovia Province Sister City Society’s focus is on cultural activities including art and film festivals, business/trade conferences, scientific exchanges between universities, and soccer tournaments.