Our Friendship Cities

A Friendship Cities designation is an established relationship between the San Diego International Sister Cities Association and a partnering international organization that is mutually beneficial. In some cities, a “Friendship City” is often used as a first step in building a long- term relationship and are less formal than sister cities. Friendship Cities are used to develop a multilateral cooperation to make substantial progress in economic development, trade, culture, education, climate action and many other fields to promote collaboration. The Friendship Cities program is a way for the Sister Cities to initiate a ceremonial relationship with foreign municipalities. These relationships will foster increased global cooperation and communication at the municipal level for the benefit of participating cities. Friendship City relationships may include the exchange of correspondence between Elected Officials and business leaders regarding areas of mutual interest. Friendship Cities will provide business opportunities, commerce, trade, and mutual exchange programs to create a relationship built on common interests.
France (Est. 2021)
Spittal an der Drau
Austria (Est. 2021)
Kenya (Candidate 2021)
Somalia (Candidate 2021)
Northern Ireland (Candidate 2022)
Ukraine (Candidate 2022)
Portugal (Est. 2023)
Sha’ar HaNegev
Israel (Est. 2023)