The San Diego International Sister Cities Association has been honored to have some of San Diego’s most respected and talented individuals serve on the Executive Board, the Board, and individual Sister City Committees. We thank them for their time and expertise in growing our organization and furthering our mission.

Executive Board

Name Title
Jessica Censotti Executive Director/President
Tim Stiven Chair
Yolanda Burgess Vice Chair
Cody Petterson Secretary
Olga Patricia Vazquez-Ramirez Treasurer
(Vacant) Parliamentarian
Kathleen Roche-Tansey SCI State Coordinator & Rep




Name Title
John Paul Bardwil Director (2020-2022)
Dennis-Michael Broussard Director (2021-2022)
Don Giaquinto Director (2021-2023)
Jessica Censotti Director (2021-2023)
Kiley Sanders Director (2021-2023)
Dr. Oscar Romo Director (2021-2023)



San Diego Sister Cities

President Sister City
Penelope Bledsoe SD-Alcalá de Henares
Ehmee De Guzman SD-Cavite
Chrissy Ambler SD-Edinburgh
Stephen R Brown SD-Jalalabad
Byong Racek SD-Jeonju
President Sister City
Connie Goertz SD-Leon
Yolanda Burgess SD-Panama
Jan Gontang SD-Perth
Shahrzad Kamyab SD-Tijuana




President Sister City
Deborah Flores SD-Vladivostok
Janusz Supernak PhD SD-Warsaw
Amy Maxman SD-Yantai
Steven Sigafus SD-Yokohama