Digital School for Migrant & Refugee Children

The San Diego-Tijuana Sister Cities Society is supporting YOUTH ACTIVISM INTERNACIONAL‘s “Digital school”  Project.

” Digital school ” is a diversity of virtual classes for migrating and refugee children currently living at the MEXICO-US border in Tijuana. The purpose of the virtual classes is to provide artistic and educational activities via online and digital. Given the global circumstances caused by the Coronavirus COVID-19 we seek to create a message of hope and love for the most vulnerable children & adolescents who live in refugee camps hoping to obtain asylum in USA. Classes will be taught live through digital platforms that will allow teacher-student interaction for 8 hours.
The most important thing is to protect the Right to education! 

YOUTH ACTIVISM INTERNACIONAL : Founded by Andrea Rincón in 2020, YAI: Youth activism International, is a non-profit organization that works to improve the situation of the most vulnerable such as adolescents and children who are migrating, have been deported, seek humanitarian shelter and belonging to the LGBTI + community; through accompaniment and social intervention (education and art) led by another young activist.

The expected results are that through the use of technologies and a direct connection with volunteer teachers within the refuge spaces, dynamics will be carried out that promote the empowerment of infants as well as access to the use of the Internet and reliable sources of information. In this way, in the medium term we seek to drastically reduce the negative impact of the emergency situation (such as the COVID pandemic) by offering information that raises awareness about their human rights, discrimination, xenophobia and types of violence, in order to reduce any type of violence within shelters due to overcrowding and social adaptation in emergency situations.

This program started with 500dlls and a lot of effort and love. We want to continue making this possible! The San Diego-Tijuana Sister City Society is asking supporters to kindly  help this wonderful project with your donations by using the link below.  Any donation amount will go a long way in that school, please consider helping.

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